How To Get The STD Test

How To Get The STD Test

Singapore STD Clinic specializes in sexual health and can provide the tests and treatment for many STDs. If you never visit this clinic before, you make the right decision when you read this article to gather required information. Do you have a plan to visit such this clinic? Generally, you are able to make the appointment to go to STD clinic. You can even come even without making the appointment. The reality shows that many people feel embarrassed, but you don’t need to do so. For your information, the tests can be used for any kind of infection and diseases caused by sexual activities. In order to explain you everything, the staffs at the clinic must do their best.

Whether you are male or female, you can go to sexual health clinic regardless of your age. If you are under 16, the service may be still confidential. Yes, you can ask the professionals at the clinic to not tell your parents since you don’t want to make them get shocked. Aside from giving detailed information, you will also need to answer some questions as follows:

– when you last had sex
– Whether you have had unprotected sex
– Whether you have any symptoms
– Why you wonder to take STD test

What kind of test will you have? The doctor or nurse will explain to you what’s going on why they suggest you this test. The test may involve a urine sample, blood sample, or swabs from the urethra, genital examination, and another kind of tests required.

Additionally, you can even get the result of your test and treatment on the same day. Generally speaking, your doctor will ask you to go back to the clinic to talk about your result and required treatment if the test shows the positive result. However, it is best to tell your sexual partner.

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